New Project Blackwood

Wildcard Films has started shooting a new supernatural thriller called “Blackwood” that will star Ed Stoppard, Sophia Myles, and Russell Tovey.

The film is the directorial debut of Adam Wimpenny, and will star Stoppard (last seen in the sci-fi alien invasion flick “Branded”, left) and Myles (“Underworld” and “Moonlight”, though lately she’s been spending a lot of time on Brit TV’s “MI-5″, below) as a married couple caught up in good ol fashion English supernatural happenings.

Stoppard will play “a history professor and his wife who move to a large country house, Blackwood, with their eight year old son (Isaac Andrews). The husband has visions of a masked boy, and starts investigating a mysterious disappearance that may involve a war veteran (Russell Tovey). The family’s life gets further complicated with the arrival of an old friend (Greg Wise) and his beautiful girlfriend (Joanna Vanderham).”

Masked boy, mysterious disappearances, and an old friend and his beautiful girlfriend? Complications, indeed.

“Blackwood” is currently shooting in and around London, and will be doing so all this month and into January, so don’t expect to see anything official from it until, oh, mid-2013?