The Abduction Club (2002)

Title: The Abduction Club (2002)

Director: Stefan Schwartz

Starring: Alice Evans, Sophia Myles, Matthew Rhys & Daniel Lapaine

My Rating: 10/10

“I pity those who have not looked upon your face. How barren their dreams must be.”
– James Strang (The Abduction Club)


“A fast and furious period romp, The Abduction Club is inspired by a series of real events that took place in Ireland during the late 1700’s. With wealth and title destined to go to their elder brothers, the younger sons of wealthy Irish families resorted to abducting young society ladies in an attempt to secure their financial futures. When Byrne and Strang , two handsome and dashing abductors in their mid-twenties, target the feisty Kennedy sisters, they bite off a little more than they can chew!”